Global Action Month 2015 in Southeast Asia

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The Global Action Month on Child Rights (GAM) was founded in 2014 by children and youth of the terre des hommes International Youth Network. On the occasion of the anniversary of the UN Child Rights Convention children and youth worldwide claim their rights in the action month of November.

Last year 152 actions all over the world took place.

For GAM 2015 each project region of terre des hommes has set an own focus. We and our wide actions are tied by the demand of the implementation of our child rights.

Southeast Asia

Topic 2015: Education

Despite the numerous government efforts being made to increase primary school enrolment rate in the rural areas in countries in Southeast Asia, many children are still deprived of access to education due to poverty, armed conflicts, lack of schools, inadequate school facilities, long distances to travel to school and other environmental factors. Teachers are paid poorly and charge students unofficial extra fees for their services. In Myanmar in 2014, student leaders were put in jail for fighting against the National Education Law that does not recognize student unions as legal entities, does not follow UN’s standard for budget allocation, and does not allow students to partake in political activities.

Through tdh support, education and vocational training projects are providing education access to children of hill-tribe ethnic minorities, those living in the jungle or very remote marginal areas, and those in refugee and internally-displaced persons (IDP) camps.


1. Cambodia

  •  Vulnerable Children Assistance Organization (VCAO)

Through our project partner, Vulnerable Children Assistance Organization (VCAO) in Takeo province, 100 schoolchildren received educational materials and school uniform; 80 peer educators also conducted 11 sessions of awareness raising on child rights!

  • Cambodia Family Support (CFS)

Play activities are introduced to schoolchildren as one of the recreational activity as well as a way to identify children’s problems; 2 sessions of awareness raising on child rights are conducted by child peer educators; and, representatives of child peer educators attend the meeting of commune authorities in which children raise issues related to children.

  • Cambodian Organization for Children and Developmen



On 5 November 2015, Cambodian Organization for Children and Development delivered scholarship packages to 200 students; 80 bicycles, 80 pumps and 80 repair kits to another 80 poor schoolchildren in Chhouk district, Kampot province. Aside from this, 16 children’s clubs also conducted awareness raising sessions on child rights, children on the move and child trafficking to other children in Chhouk and Dang Tung district.

2. Indonesia

“CHILDREN ON MINI CAMP” ! This was done on 20-22th November 2015 at sambirejo timur. This activity was participated by 4 groups (TB.Palapa, TB Mekkar, FATT, Fasti) This was facilitated by SMN, KKSP foundation, also Tdh-g …

3. Myanmar

Another 26th Anniversary of UN CRC Day event was organized by HTOI GENDER with the support of United ACT in Zilon IDP cam, Myitkyinar, Kachin State on 22 Nov, 2015. Over 300 IDP children and their parents from Takkone, Mai Narr, Ahlae Gone participated in the event.

The event included many activities such as quiz and answer, game, singing, dancing, etc. The special thing is that one of children’d groups came up with a drama focusing on their experiences as IDP children: feeling home sick, discrimination in school, living in a small space. The story touched the hearts of the audiences and it clearly showed the IDP children lives. The event went well and children and some of their parents were very happy to join such kind of event and asked the group to organize these kinds of event frequently.

4. Thailand

  • Through their activity, “Message Across The Rainbow…Protecting the rights of stateless children”, Gabfai Community Theater, under the Stateless Children Protection Project 2 and together with youth groups continue to raise public awareness and media advocacy on the rights of stateless children. Creative media advocacy was done through community theater, video clip and songs produced by youth themselves.
  • The youth group of Thai Seeka Association in Khon Kaen province, Northeast Thailand conducted activities to promote the Ecological Child Rights last 14 November 2015. The “ํYouth Environmental Warriors” raised awareness and mobilized communities and individuals about environmental issues. “Every child has the right to grow up in a safe environment, to lead a healthy life and develop positive future prospects. A healthy environment is good for children’s physical and mental health. Without it they cannot grow up and become healthy members of their communities.”
  • The Foundation for Women and network in the deep South of Thailand, launched a coloring book on psychosocial health and development of children. The book also includes PSS activities and a song which was composed by the children group called Siyafiklis. Through the song, the children says, “Even if we are having a bad day, we will be together and Move on”.

5. Vietnam

In Binhthanh district, HCMC, children discussed child rights issues and made paintings on the three topics: “environment protection –ECR-BAO VE MOI TRUONG” , “CRC-QUYEN TRE EM” and “Children forum-DIEN DAN TRE EM”. Project partner: Binhloi

6. Laos

Partner: Association for Community Development

Activity: discussion with the youth groups in Taoi district (new youth group) where they had a fun time talking and exchanging stories relate to child rights. The purpose was to reduce the violence against children and women in the region. There were 20 youths who participated in Pachoudorn village, Taoi district.

7. Philippines

We are the future but we need our rights now!

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