Child Protection

For terre des hommes, the enforcement of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child is an integral part of their own actions. terre des hommes therefore undertakes to be vigilant in its own work context against any form of child rights violation, in particular the abuse of children. 

To ensure child protection, terre des hommes has developed a child safe-guarding policy that is implemented at all levels of the office, among volunteers and also in program and project work. The project partner organizations commit themselves to their own child protection policy in the cooperation agreement.

terre des hommes took part in the first degree of certification by “ Keeping Children Safe ” and received the child protection certificate, which distinguishes terre des hommes for implementing child protection standards in its worldwide work.




Code of Conduct for the Protection of Children

I. Preamble

1) The enforcement of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child is an integral part of its own actions for terre des hommes as a children’s aid organization. terre des hommes is therefore committed to being vigilant in its own work context against any form of child rights violations, in particular the abuse of children. terre des hommes is guided by the following principles.

2) Children are at risk of abuse in a variety of ways. Abuse of a child is understood to mean anything that directly or indirectly harms the child or reduces the child’s chances of developing into an adult in a healthy and safe manner. Abuse can take the form of physical and psychological brutality, neglect, and sexual and emotional exploitation.

II. Principles

3) terre des hommes undertakes to regard and respect the child as an independent person – in accordance with its development. The child is provided with all information regarding his or her right to protection and rights in a way that the child can understand.

4) In its work context, terre des hommes encourages all children according to their age and personal maturity to express their needs, concerns and interests and to take their own position on decisions. The statements of the children are to be taken seriously, they are to be listened to in all situations in the sense of a culture of openness to the concerns and perceptions of the children.

5) terre des hommes informs all volunteers and full-time employees about the special requirements for their own behavior towards children and calls on them to be vigilant in order to protect children.

6) terre des hommes immediately takes all necessary administrative and disciplinary measures in the event of a justified suspicion of behavior that violates the principles of the association or the dignity of the child. terre des hommes also undertakes to carry out necessary legal measures with determination.

7) terre des hommes provides the voluntary and full-time employees with comprehensive information about its own internal measures with regard to child protection and further qualifies them accordingly.

8) terre des hommes informs all partner organizations about the terre des hommes code of conduct for the protection of children from abuse. As part of the partner dialogue, terre des hommes initiates and promotes advice on necessary measures and effective prevention policy.

III. Agreements for voluntary and full-time work

9) The employees of terre des hommes undertake to protect children from abuse. If there are signs of abuse within the work context of terre des hommes, the employees immediately contact the responsible offices in accordance with Art. V (13) and VI (15) for advice and any further action.

10) The employees of terre des hommes undertake to refrain from any behavior that could lead to sexual or emotional exploitation or any other form of abuse of children in accordance with the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and the above principles.

11) The members of terre des hommes undertake to comply with this code by signing. The full-time employees of the federal office are bound to the code of conduct by a company agreement. The employees also undertake to adhere to the child protection policy of the respective region to which they travel. For honorary members, the special agreements according to Art. V apply. For full-time employees, the special agreements in accordance with Article VI apply.

IV. Agreement for temporary workers at terre des hommes

12) On a fee basis for terre des hommes workers who travel to the regions, such as journalists, consultants, donors, etc. are obliged to sign the code of conduct for visitors.

V. Special agreements for voluntary work

13) The volunteer employees of terre des hommes turn to the contact persons appointed by the executive committee if they behave in a way that contradicts this code of conduct on the part of voluntary and full-time employees. The handout “Creating safe rooms for children” is available to all volunteer employees.

14) The Presidium and the designated contact persons are obliged to act immediately in accordance with the principles of this Code of Conduct if they are informed about suspicious circumstances. This includes, if necessary, the initiation of legal steps and the procedure for exclusion from the terre des hommes association.

VI. Special agreements for full-time employees

15) The full-time employees and fee-based employees of terre des hommes should contact the Child Protection Committee (KSA) set up in the federal office in the event of behavior on the part of voluntary or full-time employees that contradicts this code. The committee consists of an external specialist advisor, the chairman of the board, a consultant from program coordination, the consultant responsible for child protection and a representative of the workforce. All full-time employees and those working on a fee basis receive the handout “Creating safe spaces for children”. Employees can seek advice from an external specialist at any time, including in advance, confidentially and without naming their name.

16) If the KSA is informed, it is obliged to act immediately in accordance with the principles of this code. This may include the initiation of legal steps and labor law measures. A company agreement regulates the details.



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