GROWTH OR GREED: Protection of rivers and rights in the face of development

The rivers of South-East Asia are vital for the livelihoods of millions of people in terms of domestic use, agriculture, industry and transport (Opperman, 2018). Against the backdrop of development of infrastructure that supports a more urbanised and inter-connected life in all of the partner countries there have been changes in the ecology and bio-diversity […]


During the second regional partners meeting of terre des hommes Germany in Southeast Asia on 26-28 April 1999 in Siem Reap, Cambodia,  it was decided by partners that a regional working group on Biodiversity be established with the following objectives: ·       To monitor and campaign for laws and government policies concerning the protection of plant variety and […]


Background  The Regional Working Group on Children’s Rights Convention functions as a loose network of child rights oriented non-government organizations in Southeast Asia. Its members, most of whom are partners of Tdh-Germany, are based in Burma, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Philippines, Lao PDR, and Thailand. At present, seven (7) Focal Point Persons from 7 countries provide […]


Background  During the second regional partners meeting of Terre des Hommes Germany held in Southeast Asia on April 26th-28th,1999 in Siem Reap, Cambodia, it was decided that a working group on Biodiversity be established. Since that time Terre es Hommes has supported many projects and activities regarding Biodiversity in in Southeast Asia. At the first […]