Child protection at terre des hommes

For terre des hommes, the enforcement of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child is an integral part of their own actions. terre des hommes therefore undertakes to be vigilant in its own work context against any form of child rights violation, in particular the abuse of children.

To ensure child protection, terre des hommes has developed a child safe-guarding policy that is implemented at all levels of the office, among volunteers and also in program and project work. The project partner organizations commit themselves to their own child protection policy in the cooperation agreement.

terre des hommes took part in the first degree of certification by “ Keeping Children Safe ” and received the child protection certificate, which distinguishes terre des hommes for implementing child protection standards in its worldwide work.



Code of Conduct for the Protection of Children

 terre des hommes expects all who are directly or indirectly in contact with its work to:

  1. Respect and stand up for the dignity of all children;
  2. Refrain from all forms of violence against children and not to use any form of violence to discipline a child;
  3. Apply the ‘two-adult’ rule where at least one parent or guardian or at least two adult carers must be present at all times during all activities involving children and generally connected to terre des hommes. Any deviations from this rule caused by circumstances must be clarified in advance with persons authorised to take decisions;
  4. Be concerned about the way they appear and are perceived in their language, actions and relationships with minors and young adults, and maintain a high standard of behaviour in the presence of children;
  5. Dress appropriately and behave in a culturally-sensitive manner when visiting children, families, communities and programmes or working with children;
  6. Be aware that children may, through verbal or non-verbal behaviour, use encounters to obtain ‘special attention’. The adult are always responsible even if a child behaves seductively. Adults should avoid being placed in a compromising or vulnerable position;
  7. Not handle children with complicated problems by themselves, unless they have specialised skills and are authorised to do so. These children should be referred to competent and reliable organisations or a team or professionals;
  8. Respond immediately to all complaints, accusations and reports by children with respect to any form of violence and inform the terre des hommes Focal Point for Child Safeguarding.


Your Contact Person:

Ms. Thin Zar Maung
Child Safeguarding Focal Point in Southeast Asia